Musical Entertainment for Care Homes

Singing for the Elderly

A musical performance that elderly people enjoy and can sing along to
performed in a friendly and engaging way

David Bonham-Carter offers a service providing musical entertainment for residents of care homes, nursing homes and for elderly people in other venues such as lunch clubs or social groups.

The service is also appropriate for people with learning difficulties who often enjoy and participate in the songs in an energetic way!

Traditional Favourites, Well Known Popular Songs,
Musical Classics, Wartime Songs

David chooses songs that are likely to be popular amongst elderly people, including:

For further details of songs that might be included in a sing-along performance,
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Christmas Carols

In December each year, David also offers a Christmas sing-along of Xmas Carols for residents of care homes or other organisations interested. For further details, click on the link below:

Christmas Carols

Where is the Care Home Entertainment Service Available?

David lives in Bath and the service is available for care homes, nursing homes and other venues around Bath, Bristol, South Gloucestershire , Wiltshire, North Somerset and anywhere within an hour's drive from Bath.

What does the Care Home Entertainment Service include?

For the service, David sings a variety of songs likely to be of interest to elderly people and accompanies the singing on the piano (he brings his own portable keyboard piano to the venues - all that is required is for there to be an electrical plug socket available in the room where he is requested to perform so that the piano keyboard can work).

Organisations requesting the service or anyone likely to be in the audience can put in requests for particular songs in advance and David will do his best to meet those requests where practical.

Can the Audience Join In?

Yes - The audience are welcome to join in with the singing!

If helpful David can bring along song sheets in large print for elderly people or others to read and he can also bring along a CD of the songs for an additional aid alongside his piano playing that he can use to encourage anyone who wants to participate.

Where the service is being provided for people with learning disabilities they are also welcome to join in.

Who Provides the Musical Entertainment?

David Bonham-Carter provides the musical entertainment (others can join in!).

David has experience of singing in a variety of choirs and music groups within Bristol and elsewhere and he is an accomplished piano player having passed the Grade 8 (Advanced) piano exam many years ago and developed his piano skills further since..

He also has a wealth of experience of relating to elderly and vulnerable people, both through several years previous experience as a social worker and through caring in his own personal capacity for his elderly father who suffers from dementia.

The care homes entertainment service fuses David's passions for music and for helping people.

For details of current fees or to arrange a booking

Call 0775 452 4059